Leak Detection & Repair Service

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ENCO plumbing provides leak detection services 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including Holidays. ENCO plumbing leak detection services include detection for fresh water leaks, sewer leaks and breaks as well as gas leaks. ENCO Plumbing values customer safety and satisfaction!

Water Leak Detection

ENCO Plumbing utilizes the latest technologies as well as proven methods to locate water leaks in the home, under the slab and out in the yard. A fresh water leak can cause costly damage to the home and health problems; the leak should be found and remedied as soon as possible. Some easy ways to identify a fresh water leak are:

Sewer Leak Detection

Again, ENCO Plumbing utilizes the latest technologies and proven methods to detect and locate a sewer leak or break. A sewer leak/brake can cause a foul smell throughout the house as well as cause possible heath and ecology concerns outside the home due to the sewer waste leaking out into the yard. A sewer leak or break is more difficult to detect because a break can resemble a sewer clog or stoppage. ENCO Plumbing will unclog the line and then use high-tech video equipment to view and locate where the leak/break is located in the line. The video equipment allows ENCO to view the inside of the sewer line to check interior integrity of the pipe. There are many reasons why a sewer line may leak or break, which include:

  • Ground movement or shifting
  • Roots penetrate the pipe or put tension on the pipe causing a fracture or break
  • Pipe deterioration (Cast Iron)
  • Brittle pipe (Clay, or old PVC)

  • Gas Leak Detection

    If you believe you have a gas leak, call your local provider. If you are unable to get a hold of your provider call the fire department immediately. Once gas has been shut off by your provider or fire department, call ENCO Plumbing to perform a gas detection.