Put Away the Plunger and Pick Up the Phone

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Are you spending time in front of your sink or tub, waiting and hoping the water will drain properly? Plungers and off-the-shelf drain cleaning products can only solve the issue temporarily. For a targeted and complete drain cleaning service, contact the experts at ENCO Plumbing, Inc. in the Greater Dallas Fort Worth Area & Carrollton, TX.

A member of our experienced team will arrive promptly to remove your clog. We serve residential and commercial clients. Get hydro jetting services for your drains or sewer lines. Call 214-222-4464 today to schedule a commercial drain cleaning service.

What are the most common causes of drain clogs?

What are the most common causes of drain clogs?

In our 35+ years of service, we've seen all kinds of drain clogs. A drain cleaning service most often removes:

  • Hair-we've all seen the hair balls that come up out of drains. Make sure you regularly clean your drains to prevent a major clog.
  • Soap-most people don't realize how often soap scum can block your entire shower drain. Ditch the oil-based soap, or get a pressure cleaning service to blast scum away.
  • Dirt-muddy pets and kids need to get clean, but that dirt can build up inside your drains. Shake off excess dirt outside before washing them off.
  • Food waste-even garbage disposals can't grind down every bit of food waste. Be careful what you're pushing down your sink.

Knowing what causes your drain to clog can help you prevent future issues. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs for a commercial drain cleaning service in Tthe Greater Dallas Fort Worth Area & Carrollton, TX.