Drain Cleaning & Repair Services

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Hydro Jetting

Got blocked sewage lines? Hydro jet drain cleaning is an alternative to the older power snake or “roto-rooter” approach. It uses a high-pressure stream of water to remove blockages in your sewer line (including those caused by roots and debris). The results from our hydro jetter service tend to last longer than traditional methods for clearing drain lines. Maintenance may only be needed once every few years instead of annually.

High Tech Sewer Line Service

Is your sewer line clogged? Unfortunately, the city may not take responsibility for fixing this issue. And the last thing you want to deal with is sewage backing up into your property causing a foul odor and a serious health hazard. Our team works quickly to clear obstructions and get rid of roots in sewer line systems on your property. We use video equipment to accurately identify leaks or other areas of damage so that we can perform sewer line repair right away.

Slab & Yard Leak Detection

Did you know that even small water leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in high water bills and property damage? Shifting soil in North Texas is a common cause of pipe failures, which is why our slab leak detection and yard leak detection services are in high demand. Early intervention to identify and fix leaks can help curtail the cost of foundation repairs, flooring replacement, landscape renovation, and more.